Haplotype network analysis indicated low current levels of gene f

Haplotype network analysis indicated low current levels of gene flow between populations that were closely related in the past.”
“The temperature dependent electrical properties of Ag Schottky contacts to a-plane bulk ZnO single crystal were investigated in the temperature range of 100-300

K. The variation in the barrier heights was described by a double Gaussian distribution with two different regions in the temperature range of 200-300 and 100-180 K. The modified Richardson plot in the temperature range of 200-300 K produced the Richardson constant of 29 A cm(-2) K-2 which is similar to the theoretical value of 32 A cm(-2) K-2 for n-type ZnO, indicating that the inhomogeneous barrier height with the thermionic selleck inhibitor emission model can explain the current transport well in this region. Below 200 K, the bulk carriers start to freeze out and the induced oxygen vacancies in the interface region, probably due to the formation of silver oxide at the Ag-ZnO interface, will influence significantly the current transport by creating very thin interfacial layer that is susceptible to electron tunneling. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3493261]“
“Introduction The aetiology of endometriosis remains unknown. The clinical presentation of endometriosis can be highly variable, occurring in numerous check details potential locations outside the abdomen and

associated with distinct complaints. Recurrence is common, Epacadostat supplier though we present a very rare case of recurrence and complication.

Case presentation A 42-year-old caucasian woman was admitted to our unite with monthly vaginal bleeding lasting 3-5 days, beginning from 6 months after

previous hysterectomy and right salpingo-oophorectomy surgery for myoma and endometrioma. We suspected of endometrioma of the left ovarium upon transvaginal ultrasonography, and diagnosed vault fistula from the endometriosis cyst to the vagina. We re-operated the patient using Pfannenstiel incision, and performed left-oophorectomy and fistula repairment. The Pouch of Douglas was obliterated and many bowel adhesions were present, indicating a stage IV endometriosis. According to our assessment, stage IV endometriosis had been present in the previous surgery.

Conclusions Considering that the short-term endometriosis recurrence is higher in premenopausal age and in advanced stage of endometriosis, bilateral oophorectomy together with hysterectomy may be a better operational choice for these patients.”
“We investigated a possible association between aggrecan gene polymorphism and lumbar degenerative disc disease in Turkish patients. One hundred 20-30-year-old patients with or without low back pain were selected for the study. Lumbar magnetic resonance imaging was performed on all patients. The patient group had low back pain clinically and degenerative disc disease radiographically.

By exploiting the sequence conservation of the homeobox, putative

By exploiting the sequence conservation of the homeobox, putative orthologs of several Hox genes belonging to the anterior, medial, and posterior groups were isolated. We also report the isolation of a few Hox-like genes expressed

in the same systems.”
“Vitamin B-12 (cobalamin) deficiency is a common cause of megaloblastic anemia, a variety of neuropsychiatric symptoms, and elevated serum homocysteine levels, especially in older persons. There are a number of risk factors for vitamin B-12 deficiency, including prolonged use of metformin and proton pump inhibitors. No major medical organizations, including the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, have published guidelines on screening asymptomatic SCH 900776 or low-risk adults for vitamin B-12 deficiency, but high-risk patients, such as those with malabsorptive disorders, may warrant screening. The initial laboratory assessment of a patient with suspected vitamin B-12 deficiency should include a complete blood count and a serum vitamin B level. Measurements of serum vitamin B-12 may

not reliably detect deficiency, and measurement of serum homocysteine and/or methylmalonic acid should be used to confirm deficiency in asymptomatic high-risk patients with low normal levels of vitamin B-12. Oral administration of high-dose vitamin B-12 (1 to 2 mg daily) is as effective as intramuscular administration in correcting the deficiency, regardless of etiology. Because crystalline formulations are better absorbed than naturally occurring vitamin B-12, patients Selleckchem STI571 older than 50 years and strict vegetarians should consume foods fortified with dbcAMP vitamin B-12 and vitamin B-12 supplements, rather than attempting to get vitamin B-12 strictly from dietary sources. Administration of vitamin B-12 to patients with elevated serum homocysteine levels has not been shown to reduce cardiovascular outcomes in high-risk patients or alter the cognitive

decline of patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer disease. (Am Pam Physician. 2011;83 (12):1425-1430. Copyright (c) 2011 American Academy of Family Physicians.)”
“A field investigation was carried out during post rainy season of 2008-09 and 2009-10 to study the impact of date of sowing and irrigation regimes on castor seed yield, oil quality characteristics and fatty acid composition. Results inferred that sowing on 1st October (2.34 t ha(-1)) has significantly out yielded other three dates of sowing. With delay in sowing from October 1 to October 15, November 1 and November 15, seed yield of castor declined by 16.0, 16.7 and 31.0%, respectively. Sowing on 1st October was found to be superior in respect of water use efficiency (4.00 kg ha(-1) mm(-1)).

The uniaxial stress changes the energy spacing at the band-edge s

The uniaxial stress changes the energy spacing at the band-edge states and the Fermi momenta, which reflects on the spectrum peak frequencies and the transition gaps, respectively. These optical characteristics are also influenced by the layer number. Besides, deformation shows some similar and different effects in comparison with electric and magnetic fields. These predicted optical properties can be verified by optical measurements. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3463390]“
“We presented a 34-year-old woman with blurred vision and inability to walk due to acute optic neuritis and transverse myelitis, neuromyelitis optica (Devic’s syndrome),

for an interesting presentation of this syndrome with proteinuria as the first manifestation of systemic lupus HKI272 erythematosus.”
“Nanosized Fe(OH)(2) was synthesized by a coprecipitation method. Peaks between 500 and 1250 cm(-1) in Fourier transform infrared (FTIR)

spectroscopy confirmed the presence of metal hydroxide stretching. X-ray diffraction showed the suppressed crystalline system of Fe(OH)(2)/aniline (ANT) due to the presence of a higher weight percentage of the dispersing agent, ANT. Thermogravimetric analysis implied that 75.5 wt % of residue remained up to 800 degrees C. High resolution transmission electron microscope (HRTEM) analysis of Fe(OH)(2)/ANI revealed that its size ranged from A-769662 ic50 10 to 50 nm with a rodlike morphology. Scanning electron microscopy implied that pristine Fe(OH)(2) had a nanotriangular platelet morphology, and a higher weight percentage of dispersing agent intercalated with Fe(OH)(2) had a spheroid Silmitasertib order with an agglomerated structure. The (UV-visible) spectrum implied the presence of Fe(2+) ions at 326 nm and the existence of an amino group intercalated with Fe(OH)(2) showed a sharp peak at 195 nm, the intensity of which increased with increasing intercalated dispersing agent weight percentage. Photoluminescence

showed that ANI-intercalated Fe(OH)(2) showed a lesser intensity than the pristine Fe(OH)(2). (C) 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 118: 1728-1737, 2010″
“We have studied the scattering process of AlGaAs/GaAs two-dimensional electron gas with the nearby embedded GaSb/GaAs type-II quantum dots (QDs) at low temperature. Quantum Hall effect and Shubnikov-de Haas oscillation were performed to measure the electron density n(2D), the transport lifetime tau(t) and the quantum lifetime tau(q) under various biased gate voltage. By comparing measured results of QDs sample with that of reference sample without embedded QDs, mobilities (transport mobility mu(t) and quantum mobility mu(q)) dominated by GaSb QDs scattering were extracted as functions of n(2D). It was found that the ratios of tau(t) to tau(q) were varying within the range of 1-4, implying the scattering mechanism belonging to the sort of short-range interaction.

The goal of this article is to summarize and combine the results

The goal of this article is to summarize and combine the results of these two publicly available surveys and to compare the results with historical information. In the United States in 2006,

see more about 377 million diagnostic and interventional radiologic examinations and 18 million nuclear medicine examinations were performed. The United States accounts for about 12% of radiologic procedures and about one-half of nuclear medicine procedures performed worldwide. In the United States, the frequency of diagnostic radiologic examinations has increased almost 10-fold (1950-2006). The U.S. per-capita annual effective dose from medical procedures has increased about sixfold (0.5 mSv [1980] to 3.0 mSv [2006]). Worldwide estimates for 2000-2007 indicate that 3.6 billion medical procedures with ionizing radiation (3.1 billion diagnostic radiologic, 0.5 billion dental, and 37 million

nuclear medicine examinations) are performed annually. Worldwide, the average annual per-capita effective dose from medicine (about 0.6 mSv of the total 3.0 mSv received from all sources) has approximately doubled in the past 10-15 years. (C) RSNA, 2009″
“PubMed and PsycInfo were searched in March 2010 using a priori defined search terms. This search and the additional hand search resulted in 22 studies, of which 13 were quantitative and eight qualitative.

Sample sizes in quantitative studies varied considerably from 10 to 196 partners, with only six of 13 studies including > 50 partners. Partner levels of distress were at least on par with patient levels. The majority of large-scale studies suggested that partner distress levels check details decrease in the first Luminespib year postimplantation. Most studies reported no impact of ICD shocks on distress levels or quality of life in partners. ICD indication as well as comorbid conditions, age, and the psychological profile of the partner were related to distress and quality of life. Domains of concern emerging from qualitative studies were related to care of the ICD patient, helplessness and uncertainties related to shocks,

role changes, sexual activities, overprotectiveness, and driving.

Partner levels of distress may be as high as that of ICD patients. Research with large samples is needed to further investigate the course and determinants of partner distress and the influence that partner distress may have on patient health outcomes. (PACE 2010; 33:1442-1450).”
“Background: A 15 year old girl with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) died of gastric rupture. Systematic literature research revealed seven case reports of PWS patients with acute gastric dilatation, two had a lethal course. The objective of this study was to determine if delayed gastric emptying in PWS patients might contribute to gastric dilatation.

Methods: Gastric emptying was measured in eight patients with PWS by nucleotid scintigraphy after a standardized test meal.

Results: Median age was 17.8 years (range 10.1-19.5).

The morphology of the cell was observed under a special microscop

The morphology of the cell was observed under a special microscope. The incorporation of FA in rigid polyurethane foams may dramatically decrease production costs and reduce environmental pollution. In addition, the effects of intumescent flame retardant

composed of ammonium polyphosphate and pentaerythritol were examined in pure rigid polyurethane foams and FA-rigid polyurethane foams. It was found that 5.0 and 7.5 wt % intumescent flame retardant loadings enhanced the thermal stability and improved the flammability see more resistance of the foams. (C) 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 120: 2095-2102, 2011″
“Primary tumors of the great vessels are rare. Most encountered cases are sarcomas which

most commonly develop in the aorta, pulmonary artery, and inferior vena cava. We experienced an intimal sarcoma arising in the left common iliac artery in a 68-year-old male, who suffered check details from claudication in his left lower extremity for a year and was diagnosed as arteriosclerosis obliterans, clinically. Bypass surgery was performed on the obstructive lesion. Grossly, the vascular lumen was filled with dark hemorrhagic materials. Microscopically, the lesion showed proliferation of anaplastic spindle cells with a marked nuclear atypia, arranged haphazardly. There were numerous mitotic figures. Foci of cholesterol clefts were also found in the intima. Immunohistochemically, the tumor cells were positive for vimentin, smooth muscle actin, and cytokeratin in certain areas. Stains for CD34, desmin, myosin heavy chain, caldesmon, and S-100 protein were negative. A pathologic diagnosis was made as intimal sarcoma with myofibroblastic differentiation.”
“Although cervical cancer is the most frequent cancer for women in Taiwan,

no examination of its treatment costs has yet been undertaken. This study aimed to investigate the costs of cervical cancer and precancerous lesion treatment in Taiwan.

A GSK1838705A datasheet total of 7,398 cases of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) lesions were identified from the Taiwan Cervical Cancer Screening Registration System in 2003. A further 1,469 cases of invasive cervical cancer (ICC) were also identified from a survey on cervical cancer staging information conducted by the Taiwan Cancer Registration Task Force. Resource usage covering the first 6 months after CIN diagnosis and the 5 years after ICC diagnosis were extracted from the National Health Insurance claims database. The duration of each visit and the transportation costs were collected by means of personal interviews with CIN/ICC patients. The mean and standard deviation of the treatment and indirect costs were estimated.

The average total costs for CIN patients were NT$4,201 for CIN1, NT$8,623 for CIN2 and NT$14,406 for CIN3, with the indirect costs accounting for 25-33% of the total.

The gel content, swelling ratio, tensile properties, and hydrolyt

The gel content, swelling ratio, tensile properties, and hydrolytic degradation behaviors were also measured and assessed. The glass-transition temperature of the PHLA-diols could be adjusted within a wide range (-50 to 30 degrees C) by the type and feed ratio of the diol. Because of the low glass-transition temperature

and crosslink structure, they exhibited certain elastic properties. The tensile modulus, strength, and elongation at break measured at 37 C were 1.4-6.3 MPa, 0.8-1.6 MPa, and 10-25%, respectively. These polymers could be hydrolytically degraded. (C) 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 117: 3315-3321, 2010″
“A protective effect of alpha-ketobutyrate on hippocampal neuronal cells treated with H2O2 was tested. alpha-Ketobutyrate

GSK1838705A cost concentrations were as follows: 0.5 mM, 1 mM and 5 Epigenetic Reader Do inhibitor mM. Tests were performed at the temperature of 37 degrees C. Moreover, the protective effect of alpha-ketobutyrate on the cytotoxicity of 100 and 40 nmol/4.10(3) cells treated by hydrogen peroxide was observed. Furthermore, the role of alpha-ketobutyrate as an energy substrate was also proven using the cis-[Cr(C2O4)(pm)(OH2)(2)](+) complex as a biosensor for the carbon dioxide uptake process. All the experiments were carried out under in-vitro conditions.”
“Study Design. Case report.

Objective. To report a case of a bilateral femoral artery ischemia detected by neuromonitoring during posterior scoliosis surgery and to review relevant literature regarding this rare complication.

Summary of Background Data. Lower extremity ischemia is a potentially devastating risk of posterior spinal surgery. Ischemia can be a result of thrombotic occlusion

or vascular compression during patient positioning. Multimodality neuromonitoring, increasingly used to prevent neurologic injury, can also detect hypoperfusion to the extremities. To date, there have been no reports of bilateral lower extremity ischemia detected by multimodality neuromonitoring during posterior spine surgery.

Methods. A 15-year-old boy with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis underwent posterior spinal fusion with instrumentation. Intraoperative changes in somatosensory-evoked potentials and motor-evoked potentials were noted 1 hour into the case, before instrumentation or the GANT61 reduction maneuver. After trouble shooting methods did not localize a technical cause for the changes, the patient’s lower extremities were noted to be hypoperfused and pulseless.

Results. The patients was repositioned and lower extremity perfused improved. Palpable distal pulses were detected. Neuromonitoring signals returned to baseline and the surgery completed. The patient had no postoperative neurologic or vascular deficits.

Conclusion. Lower extremity ischemia secondary to prone positioning is a rare risk of posterior spinal surgery.

The objective of this study was to characterize psychiatric

The objective of this study was to characterize psychiatric

comorbidities in subjects with fragile X syndrome at different ages. Subjects with fragile X syndrome and their unaffected siblings were recruited and their parents filled out functional-behavioral and psychiatric comorbidities questionnaires. Adolescents with fragile X syndrome showed decreased prevalence of functional-behavioral deficits. Incidence and severity NCT-501 of most psychiatric comorbidities were lower in older subjects. Incidence of generalized anxiety disorder increased with age in the fragile X syndrome group. The typical profile of patients with fragile X syndrome changes with age. Unaffected siblings exhibit anxiety and motor tics.”
“Joint pains and swellings are routine complaints in rheumatology clinics. Infectious diseases may mimic common rheumatic conditions and thus need to be ruled out before initiating any immunosuppressive treatment. Mycobacterium marinum is an organism that can present with a typical arthritis picture. A 60-year-old gentleman

with a complicated medical history presented with a right wrist swelling which was initially managed as a case of remitting seronegative arthritis. He eventually required tenolysis and the biopsy showed M. marinum. On inquiry, he was found to be an avid fisherman. This report discusses typical diagnostic pitfalls, literature review on the Sonidegib chemical structure reported cases and treatment strategies. The most important point is to ask for occupational and hobby history in such cases.”
“The time-of-flight technique has been used to measure the drift velocities for electrons and holes in high-purity single-crystalline CVD diamond. Measurements were made in the temperature interval 83 <= T <= 460 K and for electric fields between 90 and 4 x 10(3) V/cm, applied in the < 100 > crystallographic direction. The study includes low-field drift mobilities and is performed in the low-injection

regime to perturb the selleck products applied electric field only minimally. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi: 10.1063/1.3554721]“
“The impact of treatment given upon discharge on the “”bounce back”" rate was ascertained in children presenting at the emergency department for treatment of status migrainosus. All children ages 8 to 17 years old presenting to an emergency department in 2008 who were treated for status migrainosus and discharged home were included. Of the total of 187 patients, 21 patients (11.2%) bounced back. Treatment given was not associated with the bounce back rate. The only factors reaching significance were the presence of a migraine equivalent in 28.6% of patients who bounced back as compared with only 6.7% in patients without recurrence (P = .006); brain imaging study in the emergency department (52.4% vs 16.9%, P =.001); and an arranged physician follow-up (66.6% vs 36.3%, P =.01).

OBJECTIVE: To assess potential predictors for diabetes among newl

OBJECTIVE: To assess potential predictors for diabetes among newly diagnosed pulmonary TB patients in Tanzania.

METHODS: TB patients were tested for diabetes using an oral glucose tolerance test, demographic information was collected and anthropomctric measurements taken. The association between diabetes and possible predictors were examined using logistic regression analyses.


Of 1205 TB patients, 16.4% (n = 197) had diabetes, 9.0% (n = 108) PF-6463922 price were aged >= 55 years, 3.3% (n = 40) were overweight (body mass index [BMI] >= 25 kg/m(2)) and 12.7% (n = 152) severely underweight SUMMARY (BMI < 16 kg/m(2)). Diabetes was most prevalent in the 45-55 year age group, and increasing weight, BMI and waist circumference were associated with diabetes. Severe underweight (BMI < 16 kg/m(2)) among male TB patients (sex BMI interaction, P = 0.02) was associated with diabetes (OR 2.52, P = 0.004).

CONCLUSION: Diabetes is a common comorbidity among TB patients. Although diabetes was associated with obesity and was more prevalent among the middle-aged, the majority of TB patients with diabetes comorbidity were young and lean. With diabetes as a major risk factor for TB, and with the lack of strong predictors for diabetes, universal diabetes screening should be implemented in the TB programme.”
“Objective: Cancer patients experience many negative psychological

symptoms including stress, anxiety, and depression. This distress is not limited to the

patient, as their partners also experience many psychological challenges. Mindfulness-based stress reduction selleck screening library click here (MBSR) programs have demonstrated clinical benefit for a variety of chronic illnesses, including cancer. This is the first study to report MBSR participation with partners of cancer patients.

Methods: This study examined the impact of an 8-week MBSR program for 21 couples who attended the program together on outcomes of mood disturbance, symptoms of stress, and mindfulness.

Results: Significant reductions for both patients and partners in mood disturbance (p<0.05) and the Calgary Symptoms of Stress Inventory (C-SOSI) subscales of muscle tension (p<0.01), neurological/GI (p<0.05), and upper respiratory (p<0.01) symptoms were observed after program participation. Significant increases in mindfulness (p<0.05) were also reported in both groups. No significant correlations were observed between patient and partner scores on any measures at baseline or on change scores pre- to post-intervention; however, after MBSR participation couple’s scores on the Profile of Mood States and C-SOSI were more highly correlated with one-another. Post-intervention, partners’ mood disturbance scores were significantly positively correlated with patients’ symptoms of stress and negatively correlated with patients’ levels of mindfulness.

05) after 2 h of hypergravity (18 up-regulated, 10 down-regulated

05) after 2 h of hypergravity (18 up-regulated, 10 down-regulated) could be identified. The corresponding proteins were largely involved in stress responses, including the detoxification of reactive oxygen species (ROS). In the present study, HIF-1 activation these investigations are extended to phosphorylated proteins. For this purpose, callus cell cultures of Arabidopsis thaliana were exposed to hypergravity (8 g) and simulated weightlessness (random positioning; RP) for up to 30 min, a period

of time which yielded the most reliable data. The first changes, however, were visible as early as 10 min after the start of treatment. In comparison to 1 g controls, exposure to hypergravity resulted in 18 protein spots, and random positioning in 25, respectively, with increased/decreased signal intensity by at least 2-fold (P < 0.05). Only one spot (alanine aminotransferase) responded the same way under both EVP4593 supplier treatments. After 30 min of RP, four spots appeared, which could not be detected in control samples. Among the protein spots altered in phosphorylation, it was possible to identify 24 from those responding to random positioning and 12 which responded to 8 g. These 12 proteins (8 g) are partly (5 out of 12) the same as those changed in expression after exposure to 2 h of hypergravity. The respective proteins are involved in scavenging and detoxification of ROS (32%),

primary metabolism (20.5%), general signalling (14.7%), protein translation and proteolysis (14.7%), and ion homeostasis (8.8%). Together with our Selleckchem KPT-8602 recent data on protein expression, it is assumed that changes in gravitational fields induce the production of ROS. Our data further indicate that responses toward RP are more by post-translational protein modulation (most changes in the degree of phosphorylation occur under RP-treatment) than by protein expression (hypergravity).”
“Background: We performed a meta-analysis to evaluate the value of (18)FDG PET-CT for diagnosis of distant metastases in breast cancer patients.

Methods: Studies about PET-CT were systematically searched in the MEDLINE and EMBASE databases. We calculated sensitivities,

specificities, likelihood ratios, and constructed summary receiver operating characteristic curves for PET-CT. We also compared the performance of PET-CT with that of conventional imaging by analyzing studies that had also used conventional imaging on the same patients.

Results: Across 8 PET-CT studies (748 patients), sensitivity and specificity of PET-CT were 0.96 (95% confidence interval [CI] = 0.90-0.98) and 0.95 (95% CI = 0.92-0.97). Across 6 comparative studies (664 patients), sensitivity and specificity of PET-CT were 0.97 (95% CI = 0.84-0.99) and 0.95 (95% CI = 0.93-0.97), and of conventional imaging were 0.56 (95% CI = 0.38-0.74) and 0.91 (95% CI = 0.78-0.97), respectively.

Conclusions: Compared with conventional imaging, (18)FDG PET-CT has higher sensitivity for diagnosis of distant metastases in breast cancer patients.

Lipid peroxidation in the brain tissue was determined as the conc

Lipid peroxidation in the brain tissue was determined as the concentration of thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS) for each fetal rat. A one-way analysis of variance and post hoc test were used for statistical analysis. Results. TBARS levels were found to be increased after ischemia reperfusion injury when compared with controls. Magnesium sulfate treatment prevented the increase in TBARS after ischemia reperfusion injury. Conclusions. We have shown that magnesium sulfate decreases TBARS levels significantly in fetal rat brain subjected to ischemia reperfusion injury and may have potential therapeutic

benefits by reducing oxidative stress after intrauterine GW3965 ischemia-reperfusion-induced JQ1 fetal brain damage.”
“OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to determine the effect of manuka honey on the oxidative status of middle-aged rats.

METHOD: Twenty-four male Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into young (2 months) and middle-aged (9 months) groups. They were further divided into two groups each, which were either fed with plain water (control) or

supplemented with 2.5 g/kg body weight of manuka honey for 30 days. The DNA damage level was determined via the comet assay, the plasma malondialdehyde level was determined using high performance liquid chromatography, and the antioxidant enzyme activities (superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione peroxidase and catalase) were determined spectrophotometrically in the erythrocytes and liver. The antioxidant activities were measured using 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl and ferric reducing/antioxidant power assays, and the total phenolic content

of the manuka was analyzed using UV spectrophotometry and the Folin-Ciocalteu method, respectively.

RESULTS: Supplementation EPZ-6438 ic50 with manuka honey reduced the level of DNA damage, the malondialdehyde level and the glutathione peroxidase activity in the liver of both the young and middle-aged groups. However, the glutathione peroxidase activity was increased in the erythrocytes of middle-aged rats given manuka honey supplementation. The catalase activity was reduced in the liver and erythrocytes of both young and middle-aged rats given supplementation. Manuka honey was found to have antioxidant activity and to have a high total phenolic content. These findings showed a strong correlation between the total phenolic content and antioxidant activity.

CONCLUSIONS: Manuka honey reduces oxidative damage in young and middle-aged rats; this effect could be mediated through the modulation of its antioxidant enzyme activities and its high total phenolic content. Manuka honey can be used as an alternative supplement at an early age to improve the oxidative status.”