With the enormous demand for an effective vaccine in the event of

With the enormous demand for an effective vaccine in the event of an H5N1 pandemic, GSK’s inactivated split H5N1 virus vaccine likely will be a highly valued product.”
“This paper identifies a number of methodological difficulties associated with the comparison of selleck chemicals home and hospital birth in terms of the risk of perinatal death, and suggests ways in which these problems can be overcome. A review of recent studies suggests that most available data sources are unable to overcome all of these challenges, which is one of the reasons why the debate about whether perinatal death is more likely if a home birth is

planned or if a hospital birth is planned has not been satisfactorily resolved. We argue that the debate will be settled only

if perinatal mortality data from a sufficiently large number of maternity care providers over a sufficiently long period of time can be pooled and made available for analysis. GNS-1480 nmr The pooling of data will bring about its own difficulties due to variations over time and between providers and geographical areas, which would need to be taken into account when analysing pooled data. However, given the impracticality of a randomised controlled trial and the rarity of home birth in most of the Western world, we argue that more effort should be made to pool data for perinatal mortality and other rare pregnancy outcomes, and share them between health providers and researchers. Thus, high-quality analyses could be conducted, allowing all women to make an informed choice about place of birth. However, pooling data from countries or states with very different maternity care systems should be avoided. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“This paper considers an online hierarchical scheduling problem on two parallel identical machines. The objective is to minimize the makspan. It is assumed that all jobs have bounded processing times in between and , where and . We first improve a previous result by giving an optimal online algorithm for the non-preemptive version. For the preemptive version, we present selleck compound an optimal preemptive algorithm without introducing idle time for all . If the algorithm is allowed to use idle

time, we show that the semi-online information that jobs are tightly-grouped cannot help improve the bound of the pure online problem.”
“BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: Association of insulin-induced gene 2 (INSIG2) variants with obesity has been confirmed in several but not all follow-up studies. Differences in environmental factors across populations may mask some genetic associations and therefore gene-environment interactions should be explored. We hypothesized that the association between dietary patterns and components of the metabolic syndrome could be modified by INSIG2 variants.\n\nSUBJECTS/METHODS: We conducted a longitudinal study of adiposity and cardiovascular disease risk among 427 and 290 adults from Samoa and American Samoa (1990-1995).

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