[3] The Duetz sandwich-cover system is a shaking multi-well plat

[3]. The Duetz sandwich-cover system is a shaking multi-well plate based system that consists of specialized multi-well plate sandwich covers and clamps to hold the closures in place. The sandwich cover is an autoclavable stainless steel lid containing layers of filters and silicon sealing that provides a positive seal on each well of the

plate to promote efficient gas transfer. The headspace refreshment rate of each individual well is controlled by a small hole in the silicone layer above the center of each well and contamination is prevented using autoclavable gas permeable filters [3] and [4]. The system provides a headspace refreshment rate of 0.1–2 working volumes per minute in orbital shakers, permitting oxygen concentrations this website of at least 18% (v/v), even when oxygen uptake rates are as high as 40 mmol O2/L/h. Evaporation at these conditions is kept at a minimum (as low as 2% per day), which permits longer culture times [5]. The clamps assure that the plates and sandwich Enzalutamide manufacturer covers are clamped together tightly and the individual wells are hermetically sealed. The cover clamp can be mounted onto a variety of regular orbital shaking platforms. The Duetz sandwich-cover system can be used with various multi well plates, including 24DW plates. A 24DW plate

can hold up to four milliliter culture volume as compare to one milliliter in any other multi-well plates, which enables multiple samplings on various days of culture. This Duetz sandwich-cover system has been used for bacterial cell culture to maintain oxygen transfer and reduce evaporation [6]. The system has also been used for batch and fed batch culture studies Loperamide with hybridoma and Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines in polystyrene 24 round well plates [7] and [8]. In this study, we have

evaluated the Duetz sandwich-cover system for CHO cell screening studies. CHO cells are the most commonly used mammalian cells for production of biopharmaceuticals. We have tested monoclonal antibody (mAb) producing CHO cell lines in 24DW plates and compared performance to conventional shake flask cultures. Initially, a series of experiments were performed to assess well-to-well and plate-to-plate variability in the 24DW plate. Additional studies were performed to determine the application of the Duetz sandwich-cover system for cell culture medium and supplement screening in batch and fed batch processes. Multiple CHO cell lines were used to ensure that scalability to shake flask culture was not cell line specific. Overall, 24DW plates gave similar kinetics in growth, viability and protein production to those cultured in shake flasks, demonstrating a potential application of 24DW plates with the Duetz sandwich-cover system in high throughput screening for cell culture process development. Studies were carried out using five proprietary mAb producing CHO cell lines.

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