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patients at risk of gastric carcinogenesis before the occurrence of pre-cancer changes. Since spasmolytic polypeptide expressing metaplasia (SPEM) has been considered as a pre-cancerous lesion present before the formation of intestinal metaplasia, the present study aim to validate whether CGI correlates with SPEM development in the first-degree gastric cancer relatives. Methods: We enrolled 63 first-degree gastric cancer relatives and 82 sex- and age-matched duodenal ulcer patients as controls. Each subject received endoscopy to gather topographic gastric specimens. H. pylori infection and its related histological features were tested LDK378 cost and translated into the operative link on

gastritis Selleck SCH727965 assessment (OLGA), operative link on gastric intestinal metaplasia assessment (OLGIM) stages, and the presence of CGI. We assessed Spasmolytic polypeptide-expressing metaplasia (SPEM) by immunohistochemistry staining of trefoil factor 2. Results: The 1st-degree relatives of the gastric cancer patients had a higher rate of the presence of CGI, but not OLGA or OLGIM stage II-IV

than click here the duodenal ulcer controls (P = 0.001). In addition, the 1st-degree GCA relatives had higher proportions of the presence of SPEM (OR 3.65, 95% CI 1.61–8.28, p = 0.003) and advanced SPEM (OR 12.51, 95% CI 1.58–99.13, p = 0.003) than non-CGI DU controls (N = 56). Among the 1st-degree relatives, the presence of CGI increased the presence of SPEM (P = 0.003, OR = 5.5[95%CI 1.8–17.0]) and correlated with higher H. pylori densities at corpus (p = 0.008) and high corpus (p < 0.001). Conclusion: The presence of CGI, as an early marker to identify the H. pylori-infected patients at higher risk of gastric cancer, was highly correlated to SPEM formation in the first-degree gastric cancer relatives. Presenting Author: YI-CHUN YEH Additional Authors: HSIAO-BAI YANG, YAO-JONG YANG, SHEW-MEEI SHEU, HSIU-CHI CHENG, WEI-LUN CHANG, YU-CHING TSAI, WEN-LUN WANG, WEI-YING CHEN, WEI-HSIN HSIAO, BOR-SHYANG SHEU Corresponding Author: YI-CHUN YEH, BOR-SHYANG SHEU Affiliations: National Cheng Kung University Medical Center Objective: H.

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