Here, we demonstrate a unique solution-phase approach to achieve

Here, we demonstrate a unique solution-phase approach to achieve controllable interfacial lengths in oxide-metal hybrid structures. Resulting from their different work

functions, surface polarization is induced by the Ag-CuO interface and acts to tailor the surface charge state of CuO. As a result, the designed hybrid catalysts exhibit enhanced intrinsic activities in catalyzing CO oxidation in terms of apparent activation energy, as compared with their counterparts. Moreover, the CO conversion rate can be enhanced by maximizing the Ag-CuO interfacial length and thus the number of active sites on the CuO. This work provides a new strategy for tuning catalytic performance by controlling interface in hybrid catalysts.”
“The metameric pattern of the axial skeleton is established during embiyogenesis by somite formation from the unsegmented paraxial mesoderm selleckchem (presomitic mesoderm). Here, we have investigated the morphology of the anterior presomitic mesoderm of chick embryos using scanning electron microscopy. We found periodically arranged transverse clefts in the anterior region of the presomitic mesoderm. These gaps can be regarded as physical boundaries selleck chemicals between prospective somites in

the determined zone of the presomitic mesoderm. This study provides additional evidence suggesting that prospective somite boundaries are not only marked by defined zones of gene expression, but are also accompanied by changes in cellular morphology that give rise to identifiable morphological segments. (C) 2013 Elsevier GmbH. All rights reserved.”
“Thalia democratica is a cosmopolitan tunicate belonging to the Thaliacea class. To further investigate the anatomy of this species, immunohistochemical labelling was performed using anti-tubulin and anti-serotonin antibodies on specimens collected in the Mediterranean Sea. The anti-tubulin antibody Selleckchem Crenigacestat stained the cilia

of the endostyle, the pericoronal bands and of the gill bar, enabling a detailed description of these structures. Moreover, immunolabelling of the nervous system showed the presence of eight pairs of nerve fibres emerging from the neural ganglion. Serotonergic cells were observed in the distal tract of the intestine, along the pericoronal bands, and in the placenta of gravid blastozooids, as well as in the neural ganglion. The presence of serotonin in the central nervous system has also been reported in the larvae of ascidians and may be linked to the planktonic life of these animals, a condition shared by adult thaliaceans and ascidian larvae. This work improves our knowledge of the anatomy of T. democratica and demonstrates the presence of a complex serotonergic system.”
“Fascins are actin-binding proteins that cross-link filamentous actin into tightly packed parallel bundles.

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