Data management Management software This trial plans to use Oracl

Data management Management software This trial plans to use Oracle Clinical (OC) software for online data updating, data tracing and dynamic management selleck DAPT secretase at the same time, with the support of the check function of this software.26 Data recording All data of the trial are subject to remote recording. Investigators will enter relevant data via the internet; such a pattern contributes to improved quality and efficiency of the clinical study. Data examination The data administrator performs a logic check and automatic comparison of data information using the check function of OC software, checks

the result values are inconsistent with the case report forms, and checks one-by-one with the original case report forms and make corrections, so as to ensure the data in the database are consistent with the results of the case report form. This enables traceability, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of data. Data exporting After the trial, the data administrator will export the data in the form of data interexchange code and statistical analysts will extract relevant data from the database according to the code and program for statistical analysis. Quality assurance Compliance of investigators Before the trial, all investigators must be trained as per the trial and technical requirements.

The prime investigator is responsible for examining the case inclusion criteria of their units, deciding the end point and adverse

events, handling serious AEs, controlling the trial quality of their own units, and confirming the completion of trial.27 Compliance of subjects Subjects will receive trial drugs, transportation fees and necessary healthcare instructions (diet, mental adjustment) for free. Subjects are required to maintain appropriate physical activities and control daily exercises, in order to guarantee inter-group comparability. The dosage and remaining amount of drug shall be recorded; the drug counting method is used to monitor compliance. Monitoring An Independent Data Monitor Committee (IDMC) composed of clinical experts, statisticians and relevant workers will provide regular monitoring of this trial. CRAs are required to monitor various Dacomitinib units regularly; CRAs shall rigidly examine case report forms to ensure consistency with the original data, and they shall trace the source or directly visit the subjects when necessary; CRAs shall identify problems timely and feed back the solution to investigators within the shortest time. Discussion Chinese patent medicines have definite advantages in treating SAP, particularly in improving symptoms of patients. In the past, many SAP patients have expressed their great satisfaction with Chinese patent medicines.

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