4 Hilgard and colleagues have incorporated TARE into their instit

4 Hilgard and colleagues have incorporated TARE into their institutional treatment algorithm based on the BCLC (Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer) staging system.5 Ruxolitinib order The authors demonstrated a median overall survival (OS) of 16.4 months and TTP of 10 months in this observational study, which consisted of 108 patients with advanced HCC. These results corroborate the experience of others with TARE, and in fact, encompass

the most encouraging data that have been reported to date with TARE.6, 7 Moreover, the safety of TARE is validated in the current study. A few points merit comment. First, patients were selected for TARE if they had unresectable HCC and BCLC C or BCLC A/B that were ineligible for selective TACE (generally ≤ 2 segments) which comprised 49% of the cohort. Interestingly, the proposed candidates for potential TACE for downstaging in the authors’ treatment algorithm include tumor criteria (single nodule up to 8-10 cm, 2-3 nodules maximum 3-5 cm, or 4-5 nodules ≤ 3 cm) in which the ability to perform “selective” therapy in all such cases is questionable, because tumor size, number, and location determine the extent of selectivity of intra-arterial

therapy. The assumption that lobar TARE is a “safer” alternative compared to lobar TACE given the same tumor characteristics still requires further investigation. It is recognized that the concept of “selective”

TACE is the preferred mode; however, Selleckchem Palbociclib the reality is that this is ill-defined from center to center (2nd, 3rd order, etc.). In addition, most tumors are large and disease is bilobar, which often does not permit “selective infusion. Of particular interest, the median OS of BCLC C patients was not reached MCE公司 at the time of publication. In the largest reported single-center experience with TARE, the median OS in BCLC C patients was 7.3 months and varied according to Child-Pugh (CP) classification, in which 55% were non–CP A.6 In contrast, this European cohort was composed of 22% CP B, limited to CP-7. Additionally, the results of Hilgard et al. are favorable compared to the median OS of 8.9 months in the SHARP trial (95% CP A) among patients with portal vein thrombosis (PVT) and/or metastatic disease who received sorafenib. However, direct comparisons are limited across studies but provide a compulsion for future studies for CP A patients with PVT comparing these therapeutic modalities. Among the BCLC B patients, median survival was 16.4 months, which is comparable to earlier reports with TARE in this patient population.

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